69herbs Coat My Nerves
69herbs Coat My Nerves

69herbs Coat My Nerves

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An herbal blend to take the edge off. For anxiety, panic, circular thought patterns, stress, and trauma. Coats your nerves when they feel raw and exposed. Soothes, grounds, and brings you down from a high frequency state with gentleness.


(100% organic):
Milky oats 
Lemon Balm 
Blue Vervain

*Saint Johns Wort has been removed from this formula to make it more accessible*

About the Maker

We heard about 69herbs through a friend who gifted us one of their tinctures and it wasn't long after that another friend asked us to carry their products. When you have a product that is focused on mental health, trans and queer health, and accessibility, it doesn't take long for word to get around in our community!

Owner of this special apothecary, Jade Marks hand-makes these medicinal herbal products in Brooklyn. They take care with each item- growing the herbs and brewing the potions- so that we can enjoy each drop (alcohol-free!) during times we need support, clarity, or a little nudge to get in the mood. 

We know you'll enjoy these products as much as we have. They are top sellers in the store and a Plant Fairy staple!