Shipping FAQ's

When will my plant arrive?

Orders will ship out in 1-5 business days and plants will spend no more than 3 days in the mail. Please note that hard goods can take longer to arrive since they often ship via UPS. You will receive a tracking number via email after your order is shipped.

How much does shipping cost?

You will pay a shipping cost based on the weight and size of your order as well as where you are located. This will be calculated at checkout when you select your shipping method. Most plants will need to ship USPS Priority Mail to ensure minimal time spent in transit.

Where do you ship?

We are currently shipping within the continental U.S.

Do I need a shipping warmer?

If we see we are shipping to an address that is expecting temperatures under 45 degrees F in the next week, we may opt to add a shipping warmer to your package. If your area is expecting temperatures below 20 degrees F we recommend waiting to order your plants. Unfortunately we cannot be liable for plants that experience cold damage after arrival (for example if the box is left on your porch for hours in the snow) so be sure to open up your box as soon as it arrives!

How do I safely receive my plants?

Open your box as soon as possible upon arrival. Your plant will want to get some air and settle into its new space. You will receive instructions for safely unwrapping your plant as well as tips for its care. Please read them before opening up your plant! Remember that some stress from shipping or a few damaged leaves is totally normal and doesn’t mean that your plant is dying or will not recover. Do not repot your plant for at least a week to give it time to adjust.

Unpacking your plant: Carefully unwrap your plant, remove the stakes and the aspen shreds (they are just holding the soil in place). A small amount of soil spillage is normal. If your plant is showing signs of stress, don’t stress yourself! Your new friend has just spent a couple days tucked away in a dark box so give it up to a week to acclimate to its new home. It may be thirsty from the journey so give it a drink if needed. See the general care instructions below but be aware that different species can have more specific needs and be sure to do your research on how to best care for your new plant baby! 

What do I do about a damaged order?

Email us a photo and we can either find a replacement or offer a refund for you. We ask that in most cases you wait to let your plant acclimate before reporting damages. If a pot arrives broken we will offer a replacement or refund for you! Unfortunately shipping costs can not be refunded. Email to reach us at